Importance of Vitamin E

It is important to ensure that your horses are intaking a sufficient amount of Vitamin E. Horses with Vitamin E deficiency might lack energy, be prone to sickness, struggle to recover, or have muscle soreness. Vitamin E can be intaken through from equine diet like lush pasture grazing but additional support might be needed depending on the environment and seasonality. Vitamin E can be stored in fat tissues and acts as antioxidant protecting cells from damage and promoting organ function and immune health in horses. Since Vitamin E is stored in fat, horses with less fat might experience Vitamin E deficiencies. Therefore, they are recommended to ingest more fat and take supplements like Wild Gold’s Camelina Oil.

3 Benefits of Vitamin E in Camelina Oil

  1. Vitamin E helps remove cell-damaging radicals and fights off bacterial threats. This can boost the overall immune system that prevents illness and assists in quicker recovery. 
  2. Vitamin E can help treat muscle soreness by preventing oxidative damage which is one of the primary causes. 
  3. Vitamin E contributes to preventing long-term, severe neurological disorders including equine motor neuron disease (EMND) and equine degenerative myeloencephalopathy (EDM). 

Wild Gold’s cold-pressed Camelina Oil contains natural Vitamin E that improves the immune system, prevents muscle soreness and inflammation, and can be a great source of energy

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