4 Benefits Of  Camelina Oil Supplements For Dogs

Camelina oil is extracted from camelina sativa plants that are originally known to grow throughout Europe. It is rich in essential omega fatty acids and has naturally occurring vitamin E, offering numerous health benefits. In comparison to other edible oil supplements, camelina oil proves to be more palatable for dogs and doesn’t become rancid as quickly. It has a subtle, almond-like flavor and can be added daily to improve your dog's overall health.

1. Helps Pet Allergies

Camelina oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can prevent inflammation which often contributes to a pet’s allergies. Omega-3 fatty acids also help to build the dog’s immune system, which helps to prevent allergies as well. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to a dog’s diet because they aren’t produced naturally. Most dog foods are rich in omega-6 fatty acids but lack in omega-3 fatty acids, so it’s very beneficial to incorporate an omega-3 supplement into your pet’s diet.

2. Improves Canine Joint Mobility

The omega-3 fatty acids in camelina oil contribute to reducing inflammation which can improve joint mobility. Pets suffering from osteoarthritis may benefit from the omega-3 fatty acids found in Wild Gold’s camelina oil. It’s also a great supplement to add to a performance dog’s daily diet because their joints consistently endure high impact.

3. Prevents Dry, Itchy Skin

Dogs can have dry, itchy skin for various reasons. The omega-3 fatty acids in camelina oil promote cell membrane health, and as the skin is made up of cells, this can greatly improve the overall health of the skin and coat. The vitamin E that is naturally found in camelina oil also has been proven to help reduce shedding and brittle hair. A daily supplement of Wild Gold’s Camelina Oil is full of nourishments to provide a healthy, glossy coat, so your pet doesn’t have to suffer from dry, itchy skin.

4. Boosts Endurance & Recovery

Camelina Oil is a great source of fuel for performance dogs or dogs that need an energy boost because it can provide 2.5 times more energy than an equivalent weight of carbohydrates. The omega-3 fatty acids also promote cell membrane fluidity, which is essential for active dogs because it prevents ruptures that can occur during exercise.  Recent studies also reported that omega-3 supplements can reduce lung inflammation. 

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