Equine Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

When it comes to ensuring your horse has a proper diet, vitamins and minerals can sometimes be forgotten because of other key components more widely known to affect energy and performance like protein and carbs. Vitamins and minerals are just as vital to a horse’s health and can significantly improve endurance, growth, reproduction, and more. Deficiencies can be difficult to notice but can majorly impact a horse’s overall health, so it’s essential to ensure vitamins & minerals are incorporated in their daily diet.

The Need For Equine Vitamins & Minerals

There are all kinds of vitamins that are beneficial to horses including vitamin A, D, and E. Vitamins contribute to a horse’s digestion, metabolism, vision, muscle function, and more. 

Horses need a balance of both macro and micro-minerals in their diet as well. They need larger amounts of macro-minerals, which contribute to the development of bones, muscle contraction, the nervous system, and hair growth. Micro-minerals are just as vital but not needed in as much quantity, but these minerals perform as antioxidants and contribute to metabolizing nutrients and support oxygen transport. 

Wild Gold’s Equine Vitamin & Mineral Formula 

Wild Gold offers a prebiotic and probiotic vitamin and mineral formula for all horses. This formula contains zeolite clay, selenium, biotin, and more which each contribute to a well rounded nutrition for your horse. The formula is specifically designed to benefit the intestinal tract to promote proper digestion, increase hydration through salt and trace minerals, and to help remove toxins. Selenium and vitamin E are especially known to build topline and improve muscle tone. The formula can be added to feed daily. Shop our equine vitamin and mineral formulation as well as other products here