When making a choice which dog or horse food to use, the first thing to remember is to avoid processed food. Essential nutrients such as fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids can be destroyed while going through modern food processing. We often focus on which nutrients to include, but what is more important is how the nutrients are balanced and processed. 

Misconceptions about Fats and Carbohydrates

Fats and Carbohydrates are often considered nutrients to avoid but they are actually required for a balanced diet. You may want to monitor processed fats and carbohydrates because oftentimes modern food processing creates “trans-fat” and results in an imbalance of Omega fatty acids which could lead to inflammation. Food processing also often destroys fiber and removes high amounts of sugar from carbohydrates. However, fats and carbohydrates are beneficial when consumed naturally. Balanced fats and cholesterol are crucial for bodily functions and hormone production. Naturally carbohydrate-rich foods like fruits and vegetables are good sources of nutrients since they are high in fiber and low in sugar when eaten whole. 

Adding Omega-3 and Natural Vitamin E into the Diet

In order to maintain a balance in fatty acids, Omega-3 should be incorporated because Omega-6 is already rich in dog and horse food. Increasing Omega-3 helps prevent inflammation and improves endurance. Adding Vitamin E into horse food is also important because oftentimes the minerals and vitamins are lost when the grass is processed into hay. 

If you are worried about processed food and aim to provide more balanced meals for your dogs, Wild Gold’s Camelina Oil is a great solution! Wild Gold’s Camelina Oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and natural Vitamin E that are key parts of a balanced diet. For a healthier diet, remember to keep away from processed foods and add Omega-3 and other healthy supplements to balance nutrition, and ensure suitable eating intervals to balance body functions.

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