Wild Gold Performance Equine Mineral and Vitamin Formulation – 50 lbs


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Brand: Wild Gold, LLC

Wild Gold Pre & Pro Biotic

Mineral & Vitamin Formulation

With the pre and pro biotics, our Mineral & Vitamin Formulation conditions both the gut intestinal tract with live viable naturally occurring microorganisms which are necessary for proper digestion. With the salt and trace minerals provided, the animal requires water which promotes hydration. The zeolite clay has one of the best molecular structures to remove toxins from the body gut and intestinal tract. The selenium and biotin are always brought to our attention, for the health of the horses we have both in our formulation. The purpose of our formulation, is to combine the Mineral & Vitamin Pre and Probiotic Formulation with our Wild Gold Original or Premium Camelina plant-based oil supplement. This combination along with good hay is all you need for good well-rounded nutrition for your horse.


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  • Plant-Based Source of Omega Fatty Acids
  • Natural Vitamin E
  • Traceable Source
  • GMO & Gluten Free
  • No Fish Oil, Trans Fat or Glucosamine
  • Glyphosate Free


1-4 onces per day depending on training & diet (1oz scoop included) Wild Gold is a select formulation designed to provide minerals and vitamins that may be missing from a typical hay diet. The organically bound minerals used in Wild Gold are more bio-available to the horse. The Pre and Pro Biotics condition the hind gut for optimal feed conversion. When fed with Wild Gold Cold Pressed Camelina Oil, the benefits of each product is enhanced. This combination allows you to feed fewer supplements in order to meet your horses’ nutritional requirements. Do not exceed 4 ounces per day. Feeding quantities in excess of 4 ounces does not improve results.

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