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Introducing Wild Gold Performance Plant Based Camelina Oil Pet Supplements for Optimum Pet Health and Performance.


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Wild Gold Cold-Pressed Camelina Oil not only provides your dog with a healthy source of fat but also additional antioxidant protection.

Wild Gold’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties reduce joint irritation throughout the body benefiting joints, heart, and brain health and improving blood circulation. The Omega fatty acids work to reduce shedding, give pets glossier coats and healthier skin, and helps prevent and treat dry skin. Omega fatty acids also provide much-needed energy for performance dogs.

Joint Benefits
For Working Dogs

Wild Gold’s anti-inflammatory properties may offer benefits to your working dog’s joints which are subjected to high impact.

Essential Omega Fatty
Acids For Puppies

Wild Gold helps ensure that your puppy’s diet contains the fatty acids necessary to regulate inflammatory response.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
For Senior Dogs

Senior dogs suffering from osteoarthritis may benefit from Wild Gold’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Research Shows…

Essential omega-3 fatty acids and natural Vitamin E found in Wild Gold Camelina Oil are vital to your pet’s optimal health. Recent research has even shown that fatty acids may have the potential to help regulate insulin sensitivity.

Wild Gold Pet Performance
Plant-Based Supplement

Besides being essential to your canine’s diet, the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in Wild Gold Camelina Oil have been shown to positively impact cell membrane response to trauma and infection as well as reducing inflammation.

Wild Gold Cold-Pressed Camelina Oil
Rich In Omega Fatty Acids To Benefit Your Pet

Omega 3 | 30-40% total fat

Omega 6 | 15-22% total fat

Omega 9 | 14-22% total fat

Wild Gold Performance Plant Based Product for Pets – 32 oz

Wild Gold Performance Plant Based Product for Pets – 32 oz (10 Count)

Wild Gold Pet Performance Dog Paw Pro Wax – 8 oz

After feeding my working dog Wild Gold, I immediately saw results. Her coat is smooth as silk. It feels so good to give my hard working girl a supplement that I know will help her recover following rigours activity.

– Denise Scelsi

Last year I almost lost my beloved Cialis to 12 hours of seizures. I was using Wild Gold for my horses and tried it on my dog. Not only did I get my dog back 100%, but her coat is amazing!

– Barbara Lowry

I saw what this product has done for numerous horses and so I tried my cavalier King Charles spaniels on Wild Gold and was blown away by the shine and reduced shedding. THIS product is amazing and I highly recommend it to everyone.

– Jennifer N Justin Underwood