Here at Wild Gold, we believe that the first step to beauty is a healthy body and skin. Although exercise is definitely an important factor, the foods we eat also play a vital role in how we both look and feel. There are a variety of foods available that can help you maintain a natural beauty without even trying!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Did you know that some of the world’s most natural healing elements are found in vinegar? Our beauticians acknowledge the importance of this food in making the skin quite supple if eaten regularly. Not only does vinegar aid in the skin renewal process it also helps break down fat cells and can regulate your digestive system. Beauty Salon Plano thinks this is a perfect way to get your body and skin in perfect harmony!


If you’re getting older, you’ll have noticed the wrinkles that progressively appear over time. However, if you start supplementing your diet with carrots you’ll be preventing the early onset of aging! Similar to Retin A, carrots help protect the skin from wrinkles. Our experts swear by this and regularly eat carrots as part of a healthy snack!

Citrus Fruits

The most wonderful fruits in the world contain citrus! That’s just lucky! Citric acid is a main component in forming collagen – the compound that keeps our skin looking young and fresh. Since it can’t be applied as a topical agent, it is important to integrate these fruits into our diet to ensure our collagen production is conducive to our beauty! We also have oranges on hand at Wild Gold!


Some like it sweet, while some like it tart. Either way, cranberries works wonders for your urinary tract and should be a consistent item in your daily diet. Be sure that you buy fresh or unsweetened cranberries to garner the most nutritional and beauty specific value.

Sweet Potatoes

If you would like to prevent the signs of aging, sweet potatoes should be your starch of choice. Wild Gold generally does not encourage a diet high in carbohydrates, but we make an exception for these starches! Sweet potatoes are rife with Vitamin A – the element known to prevent those undesirable wrinkles. Try baking or sautéing these delicious potatoes for a delicious, yet beautiful addition to your diet.


Tomatoes make anything taste good! Their supple flesh and red color are also appealing to the senses. Luckily, these veggies are packed full of nutrition. The Vitamins A and C are perfect for maintaining your skin while the potassium provides essential elements to ensure your body stays healthy. Try adding some tomatoes to your sandwich or salad to give it a kick! Wild Gold thinks tomatoes are the best vegetable ever!

Some general rules when it comes to eating food for beauty is to get the correct balance of nutrients – too much of anything is detrimental to your health! Try to eat at least five servings of vegetables a day. The best is leafy greens like spinach. Keep away from saturated fat and items high in sodium. These will just make you bloat. Nature’s candy is fruit so instead of going for a sugary treat, try reaching for an apple or some strawberries! Keep to this regimen and your skin will thank you!

Camelina oil is also used in beauty routines to nourish and heal skin. The Vitamin E and omega fatty acids help improve skin elasticity, repair damaged skin cells, and prevent free radical damage. And it’s a great hair moisturizer because it provides nutrition to the scalp and gets rid of dry skin, dandruff, and flakiness.