Most dog owners don’t start thinking about joint mobility or osteoarthritis until their pet has its first episode. The first time your dog has trouble walking up the stairs, going outside to the bathroom, or just walking in a straight line; you sort of panic just a little inside. One of the first major signs of an aging dog is trouble with walking, climbing, and running. For me the first time my dog had issues getting up off the floor and balancing to walk I started looking for solutions. My local veterinarians were always pushing anti-inflammatory medications and/or pain medication. The meds would sometimes help and sometimes not. Especially as more time went on the anti-inflammatory meds were less effective. We tried fish oil supplements, but my dog wouldn’t eat the fish oil.

A few years ago, I was introduced to Wild Gold’s Canine Performance supplement and the key components of good nutrition. The plant-based formula of Camelina Oil that is extracted from plants and super rich in omega 3 fatty acids is a game changer. Within a few weeks of my dog consistently taking a little camelina oil drizzled on his food and he was up and moving around like we had erased 10 years off of his age. Suddenly he had more energy to play with the kids. He was able to get up and down without assistance and even climb stairs. Wild Gold gave our dog a new lease on life. My only regret is that I didn’t know about the product sooner. The benefits of Wild Gold are astonishing. There is no reason for our pets to live in pain and discomfort. Wild Gold can help reduce inflammation and improve the overall health of our pets. Don’t wait to start your little friend on this plant-based performance supplement.

1 in 5 dogs suffer from osteoarthritis which is a common reason why dogs have mobility issues. There are a number of factors that play into a dog having osteoarthritis including injury, overall health, and age. Genetics also play a major role in osteoarthritis. Breeds that are typically more prone include Labs, German Shepherds, Pugs, Golden Retrievers, Bulldogs, Rottweilers, and St. Bernards. As your dog ages, make sure to pay close attention to any stiffness, limping, difficulty walking or with stairs, or hesitancy to play.

While there are multiple benefits of feeding your pet camelina oil, canine joint mobility is a common reason pet owner’s use it as a supplement. Check out the store at and get your pet started on a supplement that will improve their mobility and make their coat shine like you have never seen before.*

*This blog is a customer testimonial. Results may vary from dog to dog and owner to owner. Nothing in here is a health-related claim and results may not be typical. This is simply the opinion of one customer. Please check with your veterinarian before starting any new supplement.