For many centuries people around the world have been taking it upon themselves to cure their own ailments. Home remedies for ailments have been some of the most popular treatments throughout history. Centuries ago it was because there was little or no professional medical care available. Nowadays it seems as if the tradition of finding a home remedy to cure yourself has been passed on through the years. Oftentimes, home remedies that people swear by have been passed down from generation to generation. One ailment that has been commonly treated with a variety of home remedies in dry skin. Since dry skin is often not an extremely dangerous condition, it makes it more practical for some people to treat minor dry skin complaints with home remedies rather than spending money and time to see a medical professional.

Dry skin typically appears in most people during the winter months. Dryness typically occurs because your skin lacks moisture. This means that there is a lack of water in your skin. In the past some magazines have suggested that drinking at least eight glasses of water a day will cure this ailment. However, medical professionals have proven this home remedy false, this will simply keep your body hydrated, not your skin. Instead, medical professionals suggest that the best way to re-hydrate the skin is to soak it in water, rather than take water in by mouth. Soaking for a short period of something like fifteen minutes in lukewarm water should put water back into the skin and help to ease the dryness. Doctors also remind patients with dry skin that bathing everyday can be negative for their condition. In fact, patients with excessively dry skin should only bathe every other day in cooler water than normal.

Perhaps the most helpful thing a person can do at home for dry skin is to moisturize. Moisturizing skin with a Camelina oil or moisturizing lotion will help immensely. The lubrication of the oil will almost immediately be sucked into dry skin. Camelina Oil put on the skin after a bath or shower will also help contain the moisture from the bath or shower in the skin. The Camelina Oil will also work to moisturize by itself which gives your skin twice the hydration.

A famous home remedy for dry skin is using oatmeal. Believe it or not, this home remedy was discovered over 4,000 years ago and is still being used today. Colloidal oatmeal, which has been ground into a fine powder for easy use, can be poured into bath water to provide relief for dry skin. Oatmeal has been used to relieve itching and other discomfort related to skin throughout the years. Colloidal oatmeal can be found at almost all pharmacies and is extremely easy to use. Since some soap that contains deodorants can be harmful to dry skin, oatmeal can also be substituted and used as soap. However, there are also soaps made that should not harm dry skin. Lye is a common ingredient in much soap that can harm and irritate people with sensitive and dry skin. But there are certain brands of soap that have been made without lye in order to provide a safe alternative for those with dry skin problems. Well-known companies such as Neutrogena and Dove have manufactured soaps that are considerably less strong than deodorized soaps. These soaps contain natural ingredients instead, such as cream, cocoa butter and coconut oil. But no matter what soap you are using, if you have excessively dry skin you should try to use as little soap as possible. People with dry skin should only use soap when they are dirty. Many medical professionals have admitted that in American society today, we often over wash when are not dirty. Using soap only when the body really needs it should provide some relief to dry skin.

There are a number of home remedies available for people with dry skin. For people who have tried conventional medical methods and have found that they did not work, home remedies may be worth trying out. There are a number of home remedy books available at most book stores that will likely hold even more home remedy ideas for dry skin.

Your skin and hair are made up of a series of cells with tough membranes comprised of protein and fatty acids. Without adequate fatty acids, these cell membranes weaken which allows water to escape resulting in dry scaly skin and brittle hair. Insuring adequate fatty acid intake helps nourish skin and hair resulting in healthy skin and shiny hair. The camelina oil in Wild Gold provides a rich source of omega fatty acids to support your skin and hair health.