The opinions about organic foods are different. There are people who believe that by eating organic foods they have to be healthy. Studies are made to prove this thing and to evaluate exactly the advantages and disadvantages of the organic foods.

Scientists and specialists in nutrition have different opinions regarding the advantages brought by organic foods. Some believe that organic foods don’t have major advantages while others consider that organic foods bring a lot of benefits to our health.

Different opinions begin with the information regarding the nutritional value of organic foods. Different sources give different data.

Some studies have shown that organic foods do contain nutrients necessary for maintaining a good health. The elements with a benefic effect on the organism that are contained in demonstrated quantities in organic foods it is referring to vitamins, and especially vitamin C but also antioxidants with a well known effect on our health.

This study makes you believe that organic foods are indeed benefic for the organism’s health.

You may already know the importance of polyunsaturated (omega-3s and 6s) and monounsaturated fats (omega-9s) to a healthy diet, but you may not know that the balance of these fats is just as significant to your good health. If not balanced by omega-3, too much of certain types of omega-6s in the diet can result in inflammation, which is associated with a number of health concerns, including asthma and allergies, heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes. Wild Gold Camelina Oil has an ideal balance with a 2:1:2 ratio of omega-3, -6, and -9, respectively.

Another good thing brought by organic foods it is due to the absence of chemical substances usually used for obtaining fruits and vegetables in bigger quantities and with a bigger volume. All these chemicals have a proven negative effect on our health.

If you know that the fruits and vegetables were grown using these harmful substances then you avoid consuming them and this way you might divest your organism from the necessary elements contained in fruits and vegetables, like vitamins. An ill person needs to eat healthy food this is why we have to know that organic food is healthy food and that we can rely on it when we want to eat natural.

But even though those fruits and vegetables were grown without using pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, for keeping them viable for a long period of time, some producers can use preservatives. This is a category of substances that has negative effects on our body. But this isn’t the only category of substances used. To give a better taste or a bigger nutritional value, other substances can be added and they can make that product unhealthy.

Studies have to be done to inform the consumers what are the exact nutritional values for organic foods and what are the advantages brought by them. Even though some of the advantages are known, like those referring to the lack of use of pesticides, others aren’t known yet. Especially for children’s health, in the growth period it is important for them use eat healthy food with no preservatives or substances that make our fruits and vegetables have a brighter color.

High–intensity exercise significantly increases the demand on the circulatory system to provide oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, lungs, and brain, and to remove metabolic waste like lactic acid. Omega–3 essential fatty acids have been shown to support lung function, and to promote blood flow and oxygen delivery to active muscle by enhancing blood vessel function. Other research–backed benefits include: enhanced cardiovascular function and circulation, support of optimal fat metabolism and body composition, and enhanced exercise performance, endurance, and recovery.