Wild Gold Pet And Performance Plant Based Supplement – 1 Gal

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Brand: Wild Gold, LLC

The omega fatty acids in Wild Gold Camelina Oil benefit your dog in many ways. Their powerful anti-inflammatory properties not only reduce inflammation, but improve joint, heart, brain health and blood circulation. They work to reduce shedding, give dogs glossier coats and healthier skin, and help prevent and treat hot spots. Omega fatty acids also provide much needed energy for performance dogs.

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Plant-Based Source of Omega Fatty Acids
Natural Vitamin E
Traceable Source
GMO & Gluten Free
No Fish Oil, Trans Fat or Glucosamine
Glyphosate Free


1/2 oz per day (64 SRV)
1 oz per day (32 SRV)




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Weight 128 oz

1 review for Wild Gold Pet And Performance Plant Based Supplement – 1 Gal

  1. Zach Malecek (verified owner)

    This product is unreal. I contacted a friend that I know is very experienced with animals because my dog is starting to get up there in age and all of the sudden had about as bad of hot spots as ive seen popping up all over. Bright red, bleeding and bursting… I was willing to try anything and nothing was working! She saif try wild gold so I did. Not only did it literally clear every spot up WITHIN ONE WEEK but he is also about the pickiest eater ever and I had just moved from San Diego to IA and had been buying him this gourmet dog food at a specialty shop there that isnt available in IA well that made him mad and he wasnt eating until late in day because he didnt want any food I could find here well putting this on top of his food also made him LOVE his food! He sprints to his bowl to eat like ive never seen before! This is the best and most important product you could give any animal.

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