It is important to consume sufficient amounts of omega fatty acids and protein to prevent itchy skin and brittle hair, because the cells that make up the skin and coat are composed of fatty acids and protein. Since Omega-3 fatty acids are not naturally produced by the body and more Omega-3 acids are required than other types of fatty acids, camelina oil is a great supplement choice to be added to your pet’s diet. Wild Gold’s Camelina Oil is rich in Omega-3 that helps to balance Omega-3 and Omega-6 for pets. 

Vitamin E

In order to have healthier skin and coat, Vitamin E is another essential nutrition to incorporate into your pet’s diet. Vitamin E protects skin cells against free radicals that can damage cells, causing illness and aging. Vitamin E can be taken through general dog food, but incorporating Wild Gold’s Camelina Oil into your pet’s diet can enhance their overall health and skin conditions

Wild Gold’s Camelina Oil has an abundant amount of Omega-3 and Vitamin E that promotes glossier coats and reduces shedding. It is also palatable and does not easily become rancid, so it is easy to store and use in feed. Try incorporating Camelina Oil into your dog’s diet for both inner and outer health

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