What is Bio-Mos®?

Bio-Mos is an equine supplement produced from yeast using a proprietary process developed by Alltech, a company that develops agricultural products for use in both livestock and crop farming. Bio-Mos is a prebiotic that serves to both remove harmful and pathogenic microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract as well as acts as a food source to “feed the GI tract.”  

Health Benefits of Bio-Mos®

Bio-Mos is used as a supplement in farm animals diets around the globe. Designed to promote equine gut health and provide added nutrition, Bio-Mos has a variety of long-term health benefits to horses. The chemical structure of Bio-Mos enables it to bind to harmful bacteria and continue through the GI tract with the pathogens attached that would otherwise cause disease, thereby improving immune function. As a food source to the GI tract, Bio-Mos enhances gastrointestinal stability and is a great supplement for performance horses or horses struggling with weight gain. Additionally, Bio-Mos has been proven to assist in effectively transferring nutrients from mare to foal

With traceable ingredients, Bio-Mos is a safe, scientifically proven and all natural feed additive. Supporting the digestive and immune system, Bio-Mos enhances overall performance and contributes to optimal equine health. Bio-Mos has been around for over 20 years and is supported by over 700 trials and 100 peer-reviewed publications, which is why it is a prominent ingredient in Wild Gold’s equine supplement products. Click here to shop our cold-pressed camelina oil and mineral and vitamin formulation.