It’s our responsibility to give our fur friends the best care we can. Because our dogs can’t tell us when they are in pain, it’s a good idea to regularly check in on the condition of their paws. Harsh weather and contact with harmful chemicals or elements can cause paw pads to become dry and crack. Paw protection wax can provide pain relief and protects paw pads from the damaging effects of their environment. 

What is paw protection wax made of?

Paw protection wax is a mixture of waxes, fats, and oils. Specifically, Wild Gold’s Paw Protection Wax is made of mineral oil, beeswax, paraffin wax, silica, cocoa & shea butter, coconut oil, and wheat germ oil. 

What does the wax protect from?

Cold weather tends to have a major impact on dogs’ paw pads. Ice balls, salt residue, and freezing temperatures can cause pads to become dry, crack, or bleed. This can be incredibly painful for dogs, and you may notice them start to limp. Not only is winter tough on paw pads, but during the summer months if you live in a climate where pavement gets very hot, wax can protect paw pads from the heat to prevent burns. Many waxes can melt when in contact with hot pavement, but because Wild Gold’s wax is made with beeswax, which has a higher melting point than other waxes, it’s a great option for protection against the summer heat. Wax can also protect against harmful chemicals and pesticides found on some lawns or sidewalks.

Not only does wax protect, but it also heals. Wild Gold’s paw protection wax can moisturize and hydrate dry, cracking pads so your dog can get back to running and playing care free. It can even be applied topically to moisturize and treat dry skin spots. 

“We live in Phoenix where the climate here is hot, dry and can be really rough on our Golden’s paws. We love the Wild Gold Dog Paw Pro Wax and use it not only to help keep our fur babies paw pads soft and to help heal cracks on their pads, but we also use it on their elbows! We have mostly tile in our house which is hard on their elbows and they can dry out and crack just like the paw pads… this product is perfect for both!”

If your fur friend suffers from dry or cracking paw pads, check out our Paw Pro Wax.