The food we eat today has such an impact on our health. It gives us energy and keeps us healthy. Many foods also have great healing powers. We can reduce our risks of heart disease and even cancer by eating certain foods and eliminating others. Today, we can even treat asthma with the foods that we eat.

Asthma is a condition that makes breathing very difficult. It occurs in different people for different reasons. The bronchial tubes start to constrict and fill with mucous. This makes breathing extremely difficult and in extreme cases can be fatal.

Types of food that should be avoided by asthma sufferers are food that have arachidonic acid. These acids can cause inflammation which is something as asthma sufferer does not want. This acid is typically found in egg yolks, shellfish and meat. Cutting these foods out is unlikely but decreasing your intake could reduce the risk of asthma attacks.

Arachidonic acid is also produced naturally in our bodies. A good way to combat this is by taking in beneficial fats. Fats from fish oil or evening primrose oil can help combat the effects of Arachidonic acid and further reduce the risk of asthma.

Eating more tomatoes, leafy green vegetables and carrots can possibly reduce the risk of asthma. Studies on nearly 70,000 women showed that those who ate these foods on a regular basis had much lower incidents of asthma.

A high intake of apples, Vitamin C, manganese has also been shown to reduce the risk of asthma and their symptoms.

Food it vitally important to our survival. Food also helps keep us healthy and energetic. Many are just now learning the healing benefits of food. The effects of many diseases, even those of a serious nature can be greatly reduced with certain foods. Studies now show that asthma symptoms can be greatly reduced by eating a good selection of fruits and vegetables and avoiding foods with arachidonic acids.

Omega–3 essential fatty acids have been shown to support lung function, and to promote blood flow and oxygen delivery to active muscle by enhancing blood vessel function. Studies have also shown that they help ease the inflammation that marks chronic lung disease—suggesting that the improvements in lung capacity are a result of the anti-inflammatory effects of the fatty acids.

Asthma is still best treated with medicine. However, it can be greatly helped with home remedies and the right foods.